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Adventure Club is a Scouts-style summer camp designed for students of The Faison Center. In partnership with Beyond Boundaries and The Faison Center, I was tasked with creating adventurous, outdoorsy, and inviting branding for the camp.
The Motivated Mutt is a boutique dog training facility in northern Virginia.
I designed their logo depicting a German Shepherd to communicate dependability & trust.

In 2020, I participated in the VCU Advertising Club's Camp ADventure. As an art director on a team of 6, I pitched this logo concept to represent our student agency, called Andromeda.

Daniel Reisch is a wildlife photographer in Richmond. By creating an icon that combines a camera shutter aligned with a simple mountain, I created an image that not only communicates that he is a photographer, but also the nature he photographs.

Ryleigh Liston is a photographer based in Rhode Island. Her 1970s -inspired photography style required a logo that was just as fun and colorful as her photoshoots.

Jack Duffy is a recent VCU graduate, budding account manager, and a black sheep among his friends and family. He needed a logo that represented this trait about him, that also incorporated his trusty Ray-Bans he could always be seen wearing.

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