Package design for Youth To The People Seasonal Skincare Set.​​​​​​​
Youth To The People is experiencing a lack of long-term engagement between their brand and its customers. 
The purchase of a standard skincare set is a very one-and-done experience.
My teammates and I created Seasonal Skincare Kits, with different YTTP products designed for the different skin issues one has throughout the year, i.e. dryness in winter, sunburn in summer. These subscription boxes lengthen the interaction between YTTP and its customers as people purchase the kits twice a year.
Album cover redesign for Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves, front & back.

Kacey's "Golden Hour" features folky songs with many references to the fantastical, dreamy feeling of love that you associate with decades past. I thought her album cover should represent the old soul, vintage-romantic mood heard in the music of Golden Hour.
Package design for Mother Gooseberry IPA. 
The gooseberry and the legend of Mother Goose both hail from England. How can Mother Gooseberry IPA's packaging reflect this commonality? 
Tudor roses and thistle pattern decorating the box celebrate Mother Goose's heritage. The side panel of the carrying case explains the legend of the iconic Mother Goose character.
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