SUBMISSION - One Club's Young Ones Competition 2021 

What does caring for our mental health look like in 2021? 
An article from USA Today describes Gen Z as “the loneliest generation” with their “average loneliness scores [being] nearly 10 points higher than the least lonely generation” (Trinko). 
Gen Z needs meaningful in-person interactions in order to combat this trend. 
However, WhatsApp is only a messaging service and it definitely isn’t a wellness brand. 
You can’t force WhatsApp to be a brand that it’s not
So we created the #LetsTalk experience.​​​​​​​
The Let’s Talk phone booths will be placed in major cities around the world, giving Gen Z an open-air space to pause and “track” their mental health.
Inside the booth, users have the option to record a message for others to listen to, or listen to others' recordings. WhatsApp users can connect with the outside world, non-users have the opportunity to learn more about WhatsApp, and everyone can connect more deeply with their mental health.   
What's more, WhatsApp users can track the reach of their #LetsTalk booth recording within the WhatsApp app, as well as locate booths in their area.
Campaign video:
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